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Man, the last few weeks have just flown by. Lots of stuff going on. Here's a quick recap:

  • Have been doing a weekly NaNo themed podcast, which you can find and listen to here. I've been promoting it on Facebook but I haven't been able to convince myself to be more present on the NaNo forums, where it would hit more of the target audience. I've also been too shy to approach people to be on it. But the editing and general production is getting easier, and I think it'll have been a worthwhile project in the end.

  • NaNoWriMo is in full swing! I'm regretting (in some ways) my decision to write a novel instead of short stories this year, because I am stumped on the novel bigtime. I just don't think in novel terms these days and it requires so much planning, worldbuilding, etc. But it's coming. Don't expect to see anything posted here, though - this draft isn't so much "prose" as "long-winded brainstorming."

  • Still writing the weekly short stories, though I haven't posted them here yet. I've been busy with NaNo and work and the podcast and organizing local events, so I've scaled the stories down into explorative flash pieces, usually written in the span of half an hour. If you want to read them, be my guest. (Will probably port them over here at some point.)

And also thinking about realy actually applying for grad schools really soon, honest. And thinking ahead to the end of my thirty week short story stint (TWENTY WEEKS DOWN!) which should be around January 23rd. And thinking about the shift from reckless writing to furious editing that will entail. And thinking about how I need to let myself do more reading, and broader reading, and silly reading, and serious reading. And thinking about how I want to start writing and recording essays about songs and movies and internet phenomena.

The days! They do not have enough hours in them!

One thing's for sure, though: I like being busy. Probably a good thing that this isn't about to stop anytime soon.
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