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Written for prompt 213 over at [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse.

I'd written some of a different, more involved story for this week, but even though I've been picking at it all week, when it came right down to it I couldn't make it happen. It needs SO much fiddling (and even more outlining / backstory planning). So I abandoned it and wrote this one off the cuff in about 45 minutes as a brain exercise. I'm marking it as "flash" and leaving it open because I don't intend to come back to it (and even if I do, it'll be unrecognizeable by the time I'm done.)

Thin Vineer (flash, 1,103 words)

"Hold on a sec," Kara said, a single instant before her first drink of the night was to touch her lips. "I'm getting a text."

Carl and Amanda shared a look that devolved into an eyeroll. "Here we go again," Carl said under his breath, and Amanda laughed into her beer.

Hey - what's up?

Nothing much, just out for some beers with the regulars, lol

Kara slid her phone closed. "Sorry. What were you saying?"

"I was saying," said Carl, "that you should put that thing away for the night."

"Haha, very funny."

"Is it Terrence?" Amanda asked.

"So what if it is?"

"So it means we're hardly gonna see you all night, that's what."

"Oh, that's not true."

"Oh really." Carl leaned across the table and tried to look intimidating, but Carl was approximately the least intimidating person on the planet after David Suzuki. "So you're not keeping score any more?"

Kara winced. Amanda let out a curt laugh. "They're still doing it. Oh God. There's no hope, Carl. We might as well give her up for dead now."

"I'm not dead, you guys, I'm right here." Her phone went off again and she slid it open and began furiously typing.

"You can't keep up a conversation while you're texting."

"Sure I can."

lol, those losers? Anyway, guess where I am. HINT: not in New Brunswick! And there are lots and lots and lots of beers.

OMG, you're back in Halifax? How long are you gonna be there?

"... and then you light it on fire."

"Haha, really?" Kara said, "No kidding."

"That's usually what you do with barbequeues," Amanda said, and Carl laughed.

"Not fair, you guys."

"It's not fair that you're stuck with your nose in that thing all night," Carl said. "Just tell him you're busy and you'll text with him later."

"Oh, but Carl," Amanda said, "how else will she know the score?"

"I don't need to keep score with him, guys. I just haven't talked to him in forever."

"Where is he, anyway?" Carl asked, but he was met with a long silence before she answered.

DING DING DING you win the prize. Anyway I'm just here for the week. And hellooooo just spotted target numero uno across the bar.

They're razzing me for texting you, so I might be kinda scarce, but keep sending me the juicy stuff, okay? :)

"Halifax," she said, closing the phone and putting it back in her purse. "He's on number one. And for your information I just told him that I wasn't gonna be all chatty watty with him tonight, so you can stop making fun of me now."

Amanda's eyes went wide. "Serious?"


Carl held up his beer. "This calls for a toast. To actual conversaion."

"That's boring. How about 'to drinking'?" Amanda suggested.

"Twist my arm."

Stop number one was the Big Tide, since they closed early. Amanda was still stuck on her ex, though they'd split up more than a month ago, so while they sipped their home brews she talked about the time he'd borrowed her spare keys and then lost them at his creepy friend Jim's place. Carl listened and drank and watched her intently. Kara told her she was better off without him, which she was. Before they left she snuck into the bathroom to check her texts.


No luck with numero uno - he was drunk, not gay. GOD DAMN he was hot. Okay, looking for numero dos.

FOUND HIM, cute guy with a lip piercing and dreadlocks... HAWT.

OMG ****jealous**** I've been listening to Amanda blab about her ex for half an hour. GOD she didn't talk about him this much when she was with him!! Gonna hit a new place soon though, then it's ON, BITCH

Stop number two was Scores, since it was right next door and stayed open until one. Amanda was still stuck on talk about her ex, so Kara let Carl soak that up while she stood at the bar and talked to a cute guy with a Russian accent. He was off one of the boats, but apparently he was married, so she just had a bit of fun flirting with him. She went back to the table three pints later and found Carl practically swooning over Amanda's every word - but not before she snuck a peak at her texts again.

Numero dos was VERY sweet but he already has a boyfriend DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT ok moving to a new place, maybe a club where there's some dancing, gotta be some more cute queer boys about

Oh noes! lol well I just chatted up a married guy for a while, had a really sexy Russian accent, thought about inviting him back to my place anyway but I'm not THAT bad, lol. Anyway, gonna be heading somewhere new soon, prolly Peppers

Stop number three was supposed to be Pepper's, but part-way down the street they remembered that a new club had opened up on Prince William street so they decided to check it out instead. It was a relatively low-key joint but pretty classy, one of those converted holes-in-the-wall that felt like it went on forever. They staked out a table near the front of the bar and Kara watched Amanda and Carl get drunker and more and more touchy-feely. After a pint she excused herself into a quieter back room to go check her texts again. It was dark, and there weren't a lot of folks around; one guy was sitting alone in the corner with his face glued to his cell phone screen.


Kara's cell phone beeped and she checked her texts.

Just got to Revolutions, MUCH better party here, lol. Looks like pretty good pickins tonight. Will numero tres be the charm? WE'LL SEE

Oh wow, this really cute guy just gave me his number... after GRINDING ON ME for ten minutes, lol!

You fucking liar.

She sent the text and stood in the doorway, waiting for him to get it. She knew it when he did - he reeled back and then looked around. When he spotted her in the door he got up; part of her wanted to have it out with him, but she just couldn't handle it right then. She turned on her heel and stormed out of the pub, right past Carl and Amanda who were now sucking face unashamedly. All the way back to her apartment she expected her phone to beep again, but it never did.
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