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Phew! Been a little while since I updated - I forgot to do it last week, but at least I was keeping up with the Twitter stuff for a while, there. I trailed off with it after about a week, but I think I got enough data for it to be useful. I'll probably pick it up again at least once this month, so I can use it to talk about all of my freaking homework and paper-writing and noveling and such.

It's election night, and I've been peeking at the results on CBC (interesting that we Canadians have our own coverage of the US election, and it's at least as comprehensive (maybe even moreso) than our OWN election coverage. I also love that there are election parties going on around here, like the one at the campus bar. I can't really stand to sit and watch the results roll in, myself, and I have homework to do, so I'm just sticking it out and home and will find out the good news (oh god, I hope it's good news) tomorrow. Normally I hate when our news is overloaded with American stuff, but in this case it's nice to have media people that I'm familiar with and a media outlet in general that I'm familiar with handling things. (I haven't done this week's reading yet about the news, but I'm pretty sure it'll be relevant to this discussion - will probably make another mini-post later in the week to talk about it more in-depth.)

But enough about politics. NaNoWriMo is underway! I've been writing almost exactly my quota of words every day, but I discovered something very sad today: I'm not enjoying what I'm writing. I'm not being compelled to write; I'm not feeling the magic of having new characters spring to life. So it looks like I might need to start over (though I'll keep my existing wordcount - can't really erase it from the stats, anyway. I'm familiar with this game, I think I've done this same thing at least three or four times.) Tomorrow amid frantic paper-writing I am going to start brainstorming new novel ideas and maybe outlining. Silliness is in order, but I'm having a hard time finding my voice for my current idea, so maybe something else will come more naturally.

Ah yes, and then there's last week's fun with Twitter. Let's put this bit under a cut, shall we? Because we might go on for a little while. )


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