May. 26th, 2006 09:48 pm
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So, apart from having some general projects to work on, I'm feeling the need for some goals. I'm not sure what the best way to go about this is - should I set a goal of a certain amount of time spent on writing/editing per day? Per week? Should I reward myself for going above and beyond? Or should I focus on individual stories and when/how I want to finish them?

One thing's for sure: I want to have Boringville edited and in decent shape before November. And I need to finish my Big Honkin' Edit tm well before then, ideally at the end of August just before school starts up again.

I'm not sure where I wanna be in terms of odd short stories... maybe I should go with the "alotted time per day" formula and see how that goes. I think that's a better approach than word count. I'm worried about Butt In Chair, not Words On Paper.

All right. Here are my goals - very modest to start with (and playing on my knowledge that once I'm DOING something, I get carried away):

- 15 minutes of concentrated editing every day
- 15 minutes of concentrated writing every day

No exceptions. It's a half-hour out of my life - NO MATTER WHAT, I can manage that.

In addition, on my days off I want to get an extra hour of work in, each day. Writing or editing, my choice. And that doesn't carry over between days unless I do a CRAPLOAD of work on one day (like, five+ hours.)

I'm gonna keep note of how I'm doing, including the days I FAIL and the days I TOTALLY OWN. I figure if each "fail" is cancelled out by a "totally own" I'll end up in the black and can reward myself somehow. Maybe I can tie my food issues in with this whole thing, and make a week of being 'in the black' worth an extravagant meal of my choice. (Two birds with one stone.)

Sounds good. I'll start today (why wait?) and post every Friday with my results for the week.


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