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I'm up to thirteen weeks of writing for my [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse run. I'm really glad I'm doing it again. It's a strict enough deadline to keep me producing and thinking through new work on a regular basis without being too strict (aka: locking me into a particular setting, or fandom, or group of characters). Most of my stories have been really rough-cut runs this time around, which is fun now and then, but it doesn't usually leave me with a draft that I'm all that eager to work with because it needs SO much work.

Also: editing has been super slack. Lots of new stories = good. No progress on old stories = bad.

And then there's scripts. They also need some love.

Anyway, with that in mind, here are some writing goals for this month:

  • channel the "write it rough" tendencies into weekly 15 minute fics

  • do at least an hour of planning / outlining for the weekly [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse stories

  • produce a new draft of an older story at least once a week

  • flesh out the script version of A Bright Girl (which I'm calling "Clever Girl" but I'm sure that'll change at some point)

  • submit at least three stories for publication

I've got a head start - I just finished my third draft of Rainy Day. I'm going to give it ONE more solid red pen treatment and then submit it to a couple of magazines. (I should probably come up with a better title for it. "Rainy Day" sounds pretty boring.)


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