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On Thursday night I finally sent in the first completed draft of the horror audio play (code name: "Broke Open"). It is definitely a work in progress, but I feel like I've taken it as far as I can given my current level of experience and skill in writing audio plays (read: next to none.) Some plot and structural elements are nagging at me and I'm hoping that I will get some feedback that will confirm my suspicions and help me figure out how to resolve them.

I am... "happy" doesn't quite cover it, because I am NEVER happy about anything that I know isn't pretty much perfect. But because this way lies madness, I am calling myself "satisfied given the context" and dusting my hands of it for a bit. And in terms of actually having researched / worked through / actually written this thing, I am definitely happy with myself. At least a dozen times in the past two weeks I decided that I was a talentless hack who isn't kidding anyone, just give up now you loser, who are you trying to fool anyway? But I kept working at it, and overcame some of the hurdles, and wound up with something that at LEAST has some promise. And I guess we'll see where it goes from there.

Now I'm going to do a bit of prep work for the weekly story, which will be a bit more substantial than the past couple of weeks', even though I have enjoyed the relative break from outlining, brainstorming, etc. It's still going to be something of a speed-write and thus a kind of larval story (dude, 90% of the stuff on this journal is in that state right now), but I think it's going to be fun to write. Especially after two weeks of straight-up dialogue.

[EDIT:] The story is written - this week's half of it, anyway. Will write the second half for next week, and I'll post both parts then. It's Portal fanfiction! Fun!
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Written for Prompt 168: Every Tom, Dick and (insert name here) over at [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse.

Phew - this has been a busy week. I'm still plugging away at the script, and it's going to be another few days at least, but it's coming. (I'm a slower script writer than I thought. Go figure.) Since there haven't been any prompts lately at [livejournal.com profile] 15_minute_fic, I'm kind of glad to devote my weekly [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse story to something a little less structured. Focusing on description and imagery here, trying to build a story that way.

A Eulogy in Parked Cars - flash, 537 words )
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My deadline for finishing the first draft of the horror audio play is end of day Tuesday. I'm slightly blitzed for lack of sleep today, but I'm still going to put a couple hours into fleshing out my outline, working on some of the characters, and doing a bit of research and decision making re: the setting and some plot elements. I basically want to end today ready to hide away somewhere and write the script tomorrow.

Tomorrow: I write the script. In its entirety. I make notes as I go of character/storyline/setting stuff that I need to work on, but I'm not going to obsess over this stuff. At the end of the day I'll have a very rough but COMPLETE script with the words "THE FRIGGIN' END" at the bottom of the last page.

Tuesday: Work out the kinks identified during Monday's speed write. Edit the script / rework as much as makes sense on the day. We're still talking about a first draft, so I'm not going to go overboard, but I want to be in a good position to have someone read it and give me some feedback on where to go with it next. I basically want to feel like I've thrown myself at it with as much gusto as I can muster on my own.

All right, time for less rambling and more writing. SCRIPTRAVAGANZA BEGINS!
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Written for Prompt 167: Antapology over at [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse.

I had a weird week - was feeling really under the weather for a lot of it. Slept a lot, and cooked a lot, and generally have taken it easy otherwise. I started this story a few days ago and then couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it, so I gave myself a half-hour time limit tonight to finish it up, something like my 15 minute flash fiction (but, um, twice as long.) Next week I am putting my nose to the grindstone and finishing the first draft of the horror audio play, which will eat up a lot of my time. I may take the same approach with next week's short story. We'll see.

So Am I - flash, 711 words )
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Written for word 123 over at [livejournal.com profile] 15_minute_fic.

I wanted to write something that was heavy on description this week, as a change of pace. So... I did. Yep.

Wood and Mud - flash, 385 words )
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As painful as it was (and as damaging to my sleep schedule, apparently), I'm really glad that I squeezed out the story / glorified outline of the short horror audio play the other day. I abstractly knew that there were lots of things to work on (ie: every possible facet?), but now that it's on paper (or will be, once I print it) I can actually see not just what those things are, but how to start working on them.

I mentioned earlier that I want the bulk of the work on this to be done before November rolls around. So instead of trying to edit a play / short story every week, I'm going to focus entirely on the audio drama (code name: "Broke Open"). It's going to be my main focus for the next two months. I'm still going to write a short story every week for [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse (11 weeks down, 19 to go!) but I'm going to scale them down a bit, maybe write flash fiction in the 500 - 1000 word range.

And, of course, I need to read more.

Because I love them so, here is my editing "To Do" list for this week:

  • Print "Broke Open" and take a red pen to it. Highlight things that need:

    • World-building and character work.

    • Thematic and plot work.

    • Formatting and structuring work (ie: translation to "audio drama" needs).

    • Further research.

  • Take care of the research stuff first, as it'll impact changes to plot, etc.

  • Work on the big-picture issues: world-building and theme.

  • EDIT: Read the radio play section of Michael Straczynski's "Complete Book of Scriptwriting".

There. That should keep me busy. Next week will move from macro to micro stuff, and try to get this whole thing to gel.
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Written for Word #122 over at [livejournal.com profile] 15_minute_fic.

Not terribly thrilled with this one, but hey - 15 minutes is 15 minutes, and I don't want to write quirky relationship goofiness EVERY time.

A Story for Readers - flash, 300 words )
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I just signed up to write a sci-fi / horror audio drama for an anthology called The Omega Road Chronicles. I'm already involved with these folks as a voice actor for Age of the Zombies, which is how I heard about the project.

I'm pretty excited. As I told them, I've never written audio drama before, but I a) write short stories and b) have SOME experience writing thatre/screen scripts. A new format plus a relatively new genre for me equals a BIG challenge, but it's one I feel confident about and am really looking forward to sinking my teeth into.

Since I'm doing NaNoWriMo again (as always - and more on that later), I want to have the bulk of the work on this (including redrafts) done before November.

Now that that's out of the way, here's my writing etc. "To Do" list for today:

  • Edit that play I want to submit for Script Happens (an hour and a half)

  • Brainstorm and outline this week's prompt for [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse

  • Submit a story to Critique Circle

  • Critique a story on the above.
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Written for Word #121 over at [livejournal.com profile] 15_minute_fic.

At Least - flash, 469 words )
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As much as I am enjoying the frenetic (and usually VERY last minute) challenge of [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse every week, I am realizing that I need to have some structured, dedicated writing time (not just a stolen few hours at work.) With that in mind, here are my goals through to the end of September:

  • Continue writing every week for [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse, but be better prepared for it. Brainstorm / outline over the weekend, and then take two dedicated hours during every work shift to write (more on the last night if necessary.)

  • Spend at least an hour and a half over the weekend doing editing work on an older story. The newer, tender ones need time to set before they're toyed with.

  • READ MORE. SERIOUSLY. You like reading. What's the hold up? The internet is not your only toy at work, you know. Read a short story every other night, and get a novel on the go.

  • Read and critique at least two stories per week on Critique Circle. Experiment with different genres.

I'm hitting about 60% of July's goals. I'm cutting "finish the lingering play" off, because I don't really know where I'm going with it. As for editing the other short plays, if I don't pick at them during my weekly editing time I'll make sure to put a specific push on in October. Before NaNo starts I need to have my material ready to submit to the theatre company next year. (Speaking of which: maybe it's time to start writing plays for [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse instead of short stories? What a concept!)
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Now that I'm moved into the apartment (woo!) and have prised my life back from the clutches of The Bard, it's time to start working through some of the stories that I've written over the past year (read: the past three months, but one of them is a year old, so technically...) I've hit about 50% of my goals for July, and the end of August is fast approaching.

I want to accomplish a few things today. I'm trying not to over-tax myself, so I'm keeping it short and sweet:

  • Spend an hour and a half working on First Born / That Story That Needs A Title - DONE!

  • Brainstorm for next week's [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse prompt - DONE!

  • Read. Pick up a short story and enjoy it thoroughly. - Done, though as it was a re-read for a critique on CC, it's a bit of a cheat. Will try to get a "purely for pleasure" story read once D&D is done for the night.

Of course, I've got other stuff in the works for tomorrow - non-writing stuff like cooking, cleaning, hanging out with people. But I will feel a lot better about myself if I make time for these things, now that I have time to make.
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Written for Word #115 over at [livejournal.com profile] 15_minute_fic

Voyeur - flash, 353 words )
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At least once a week, I'm writing a 15 minute piece of fiction in response to a prompt of some kind, usually something from [livejournal.com profile] 15_minute_fic. These won't be friends locked. Going to catch up on a few of these now, as well as a couple of longer stories that I've been working on.


Written for Word #117 over at [livejournal.com profile] 15_minute_fic

Quiet Like the Dead - flash, 349 words )
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Well, it's been a while since I updated - luckily only a couple of months this time. To make matters even better, I actually have been writing in the interrim.

But let's see how I've fared in my writing-related goals thus far, shall we?

And let's do it below a cut, because I am a classy fellow like that. )

If I was grading myself, I'd probably be generous to award a 4/10. Given that I went into it with a 0/10 average, I'm not too disappointed. Still - lots of room for improvement.

I'd like for my goals to be more simple, and to revisit them often so that I can make adjustments as necessary. I'm also pretty busy this summer, so "writing every single day" doesn't necessarily make sense. With that in mind, here are my short-term goals:


- Write a short story every week for the [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse prompt.
- Write a 15 minute flash piece every week for [livejournal.com profile] 15_minute_fic.
- Finish my lingering short play.
- Edit the short plays I wrote earlier this year.

I'd like to start editing Blue Goo, too, but if I don't get started on this until August I will be in good shape.
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Ahh yes, the same sad tune plays over and over again: I haven't updated in months. But not to worry! You're not missing out on anything, because I haven't written anything in months, either. So, you know. That solves THAT.

My general updates, in a nutshell:


  • Wrote 49 pages for Script Frenzy. Not a win, but a few completed short plays under my belt.

  • Won an essay-writing contest for a paper I wrote last term. Had another potential winner this term, but couldn't submit because of the first win. (Oh noes! I'm so sad!)

  • Submitted four stories to VOX. Had all of them published. Woot!

  • Won (and generaly dominated) a photo context for VOX, too. Got 50$ for my troubles. Also Woot!

  • Went to an English conference and presented a paper about Batman Begins.

  • Directed a Tom Stoppard short play for school. Have also participated in some local theatre-type workshops, which has been fun.

  • Played Hamlet. Rocked the world. Fulfilled a life-long dream.

Now in... less than eight hours, I'll be starting work at my old job at the giant computer company. I feel a little ambivalent about having made essentially NO progress in that regard, but it's a job with great pay (yay for debt reduction!), an awesome boss and good coworkers, and it's one that I already know how to do and which gives me the shift I need to keep my theatre prospects open. Um, yeah. The choice is kind of obvious.

The destruction of my debt is only one part of my plan for the coming year-and-four-months, though. Part of the reason I'm not going straight on to grad school is that I feel a bit burnt out on the academics and need to recharge other areas of my life. Playing various instruments, singing, acting, being more physically active... and, of course, reading and writing. Behold my master plans below the cut! )

I am really excited to have some time to devote to this stuff. Tomorrow is my official start date (and I should probably go the heck to bed, since I need to be up at HOLY CRAP AM for work.) I'll try to keep the minutae off of this journal, but expect more activity in general.
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I submitted some stories to VOX, my school's literary journal. I significantly reworked a couple of them, and substantially touched up a couple more. I feel bad that I don't have anything RECENT or NEW to submit - I think the newest thing is two years old, minimum. However, I do feel that I have grown at least somewhat as a writer since then, and as such I was able to rework/edit the stories in a way that makes them much stronger. So I can't COMPLETELY bash myself.

But I can MOSTLY bash myself.

Having said that, though, I am really happy that I have finally submitted some stuff: I have gone over some things that I have written and, after some work, thought, "Yep, this is strong enough that I am not embarassed to show it to people - heck, I'm not embarassed to suggest that it might be publishable." I'm not fooling myself into thinking that VOX is a particularly difficult place in which to get published, but hey. It's something. And some of my profs, who are highly esteemed as writers in their own right, are going to be reading it. That's pretty cool.

A bit more rambling about writing processes lies within. )
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